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[保养维修] 父子档维修店轻松解决变速器维修问题









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Thursday, June 7, 2018 - 06:00
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  Total Care Transmissions & Classic Restoration
National City, Calif.
Julio Zambrano
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Let’s face it, while the transmission is acrucial component in "transmitting" an engine’s power to the wheels,fixing one is completely unlike anything else on a vehicle. For one, outside oftransferring torque, transmissions are pretty much self-contained systems.Secondly, ever since the advent of GM’s Hydra-Matic in the 1940s, automaticgearboxes have grown so complex that repairing them has become a specialty. Andwith automatic-equipped cars now accounting for around 95 percent of sales inthe U.S., these specialists have their work cut out for them.
And yet, some of them diversify. Take Total Care Transmissions ofNational City, Calif., a suburb of San Diego. As the name denotes, they also dogeneral maintenance and repair, even some engine rebuilding. “Being so close tothe [U.S.-Mexican] border, you’ve got to find a way to keep up with how thingsare changing,” says Julio Zambrano, Total Care's owner.
然而,他们采用不同的经营模式。比如位于加州圣地亚哥郊区National City 的TotalCare Transmissions & Classic Restoration公司。顾名思义,他们还做一般的维护和修理,甚至一些发动机的重建。“距离(美墨)边境如此之近,你必须找到一种方法来跟上事态的变化,”Total Care的老板Julio Zambrano说。
“I think transmission work would be a good 65percent to 70 percent of what we do, general auto repairs about 25 percent, andthe rest being restoration,” he reports. “We do have to invest in somediagnostics; (about) once a year we upgrade our scanners to be able to diagnosenewer vehicles.”
Meanwhile transmission technology hasn’t stoodstill, either. “It’s been harder as the years go by,” notes Zambrano. “Westarted with the CVT, the continuously variable transmission. They’re notdifficult to rebuild; we had a problem with finding parts, making them almostthe same price as buying one from the dealer. It’s getting difficult in termsof keeping up, but that’s why we go to seminars every year, like ATSG andATRA.”
同时,变速器技术也没有停滞不前。“随着时间的推移,情况变得更加艰难,” Zambrano说。“我们从CVT开始,就是无级变速器,它们不难重建;我们在寻找零件时遇到了问题,让维修变速器的价格几乎与从经销商处购买新变速器的价格相同。要跟上技术越来越困难,但这就是为什么我们每年都要参加研讨会的原因,比如ATSGATRA。”

Transmission fluid must be in the family’s blood: Julio’s uncleonce owned three shops, which his father worked at as a technician, whileZambrano himself spent nearly a decade at another shop as well as atransmission parts supplier before also going to work for his uncle. “I wasstill going to (college),” he notes, “but I liked working in the shop,especially helping the customers.”
So when his uncle decided to divest himself of two of the shops in2014, he sold one to Zambrano and his father. “My uncle basically just sold usthe equipment,” he explains. “We created an entirely new (company), with a newname, new phone number. As owners it’s 50/50 between me and my dad, but Ihandle the office and he and my brother handle the whole auto repair part ofit.”
Admittedly starting from scratch was difficult at first. “A lot offriends and family started sending people our way. That was the easy part,” Zambrano explains. “The hardpart was getting more people to know about us. In the first couple of months mydad and I would sometimes hand out flyers on the weekends. I would advertise onCraig’s List, social media like Facebook, Instagram— sources I didn’t have tospend an arm and a leg on in order to get the word out.”
一开始从零开始是很困难的。“很多朋友和家人为我们介绍业务。这是最简单的部分,” Zambrano解释说。“最困难的是让更多人了解我们。在最初的几个月里,我和爸爸有时会在周末分发传单。我会在Craig的名单上做广告,在Facebook、Instagram等社交媒体上做广告,我不必为了帮助宣传而花一大笔钱。”
Nowthey count among their clientele three general repair shops. “We had to learn about various things, like how to builda website, how to handle social media,” Zambrano continues. “All of that wasnew to me, but it’s been getting easier and I’ve been learning so much; that’swhy I think people started hearing about us and finding us online.”
This learning curve was complicated somewhat by the fact Zambrano wasworking on finishing his Bachelor’s degree in business management. “I wasworking full time while also going to school full time, so it was a little bitcrazy for those first two or three years,” he recalls. Now he’s applyingeverything he learned, like improving search engine optimization (SEO) fortheir website so it comes up sooner online.
But things never slow down; over half a year ago Zambrano’s brother cameaboard full time after his own stint at school. “So I’ve got to increase salesin order to pay for the extra time he’s going to be here,” Zambrano reports.“My goal is to increase our sales by about 20 percent in the fiscal year.”
He plans to do that by focusing more on the second half the shop’s title,Classic Restoration-- which isn’t so much getting old vehicles back to like-newcondition as it is getting them on the road again. “Maybe in the future,”laughs Zambrano, “but at this point we’re not, because I don’t have a placewhere I can send a customer to get something painted or anything likethat.
“We restore in the sense that we’ll replace or rebuild the engine,” heexplains. “Anything 1975 or older are the only ones we rebuild in-house. We’llalso go through the transmission and the differential--sometimes customers wantto make them limited slip. A customer might find a really good deal, like a ’64F-100 for $1,000, but the truck has been sitting for 10-15 years. They bring itto us, we’ll get it started, and at that point the customer will decide whetherhe wants to keep it that way or go through the whole thing.
“Even though we work on them continuously, I feel that there’s still amarket out there for more people who just want to have their old car running ingood condition,” Zambrano comments. “My dad enjoys working on them, and I feelthat when you enjoy what you do it doesn’t feel like work. Meanwhile mybrother’s building transmissions, and he really enjoys doing that—then maybe Ican have both of them happy.
“A lot of people ask if it’s really hard working with family,” Zambranosmiles, “because we each have our own ways of thinking. But I think we’velearned to manage that by strictly treating each other as co-workers when we’rein the shop, as if we’re working for someone else. After hours we can jokearound, we can do whatever we want as a family, but I think it’s really helpedthat we all have that kind of mindset.”
“很多人会问,和家人一起工作是否真的很辛苦,” Zambrano笑着说,“因为我们每个人都有自己的思维方式。但我认为我们已经学会了在商店里严格地把彼此当作同事来对待,就好像我们在为别人工作一样。几个小时后,我们可以开玩笑,我们可以做任何我们想做的事,作为一个家庭,但我认为这真的有助于我们所有人都有这种心态。”



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